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Tree Service and Tree Removal in Connecticut

At Tomorrow's Trees we're committed to providing you with the best professional tree services at prices that make us the top value in the business. No matter what concerns you may be experiencing about your trees, we can assist you. Our crew leaders have more than 20 years of experience in the tree industry and we have a certified arborist on staff ready to provide for all of your tree care needs.

Excellent Salem Tree Service in Salem CT

At Tomorrow's Trees we're committed to providing you with the best professional tree services at prices that make us the top value in the business. We service Salem Connecticut to help Salem CT Trees grow and flourish on your property. Call us today at 860-848-TRIM (8746) and discover why Tomorrow's Trees is the only name you'll need to know. We're sure that once you compare our rates and what we can offer, you'll choose Tomorrow's Trees for all of your Salem CT tree care requirements. And remember, written price quotes are always free.

Other Services

Tree Removal Services in Salem Connecticut

Tree removal is arguably the most dangerous task in our industry. To safely remove a tree requires a great deal of training and years of experience. Most importantly, it requires strict adherence to all industry safety standards. Here at Tomorrow’s Trees we are highly trained in the practice of tree removal and tree cutting. We have the expertise, experience, state of the art equipment and working knowledge necessary to handle any tree removal project in Salem.

Simply removing a tree, however, is not good enough. Throughout the process we do our best to cause as little disturbance to your property as possible. In addition, we thoroughly clean up after each project Salem. We know that you spend time and money to keep your property looking beautiful, which is why our goal is to leave it looking as good or better than it did before we began.

Because of the complexity, risk, and cost involved with tree removal, it is always worth considering possible alternative tree care options. See our Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning in Salem CT page for more information.

When do I need to remove a Tree in Salem CT?

Every tree is either an asset or liability. When a professional tree risk assessment is performed, there are a number of common situations where tree removal is usually necessary. Here are some of them:

  • Dead trees: Dead trees are dangerous and should be removed immediately. Dead trees will drop branches and are more susceptible to falling in a storm. Thus, they pose a threat to your property and personal well-being.
  • Dying trees: Dying trees can often be cured through root collar excavation, soil management, pest and disease control, and other tree care services. But in the event, that this is not possible, it is better to remove the tree sooner rather than later.
  • Heavily damaged trees: A tree with heavy damage may be at risk of dying. If it cannot be healed, the damaged tree should be cut down. Heavily Damaged Trees in Salem Connecticut can be large and dangerous.
  • Hazardous trees: Leans, hollow spots, and weak root bases are just a few of the indicators of a potentially hazardous tree. Such trees should be carefully evaluated by one of our experts. If you have a tree that truly poses a threat that cannot be mitigated except through removal, it should be cut down.
  • Trees in the wrong location: Trees that are too close to houses and other structures, or certain species of trees planted in the wrong location, are all candidates for tree removal in Salem CT. Trees of this nature pose threats during hurricanes, strong thunderstorms and during ice and snow accumulation. They can also cause damage to foundations, lift sidewalks or driveways, lead to mildew on siding, rub paint off structures, clog gutters with leaves, provide a path for squirrels to get into your home or business, and much more.
  • Construction/landscape project in Salem CT: If you are adding an addition to your house, expanding the parking lot at your place of business, or beginning any number of other construction or landscaping project Salem CTs, tree removal is often a must in order to create open space.
  • Aesthetic purposes: Cutting down select Salem trees, removing problematic trees, and cleaning up existing trees can greatly enhance the overall beauty of your property and increase its value.

Prior to Tree Removal, We Consider:

  • How close we are able to bring the machinery to the tree
  • Whether we are able to use a crane, bucket truck, or if climbing is needed
  • Possible tree removal obstructions like power lines, gates, porches, pools, or other structures

Tree Removal Facts: Did You Know?

  • Tree removal can be a dangerous task and should be left to a trained professional.
  • Our tree specialists will take every precaution to protect you, your home & property from damage.
  • After tree removal, we try to leave the property in the same or better condition whenever possible.

Contact Tomorrows Trees and let us help you with the best lawn services and tree planting services in Salem Connecticut.

How much does Tree Removal Services in Salem CT cost?

Tree removal costs can vary greatly depending on the size of the tree and the nature of the total project. Tree accessibility such as proximity to driveway or street is a contributor to cost. So is canopy spread, proximity to house or structure, how much room to drop the limbs, all incorporate into the cost of a tree removal price. Ultimately, the total tree removal cost really depends on how long the job will take, the difficulty involved, and the equipment needed to complete the task. Tomorrow’s Trees offers FREE ESTIMATES.

If researching estimates for tree removal costs, it is important to make sure that the company is fully insured and licensed. Also, check to see if they have the proper equipment and trucks to handle the job, especially if it is a large tree in a particularly dangerous setting. It is always essential to put safety first, and hiring a fully-insured tree care service in Salem CT that makes this a priority is important.

So, whether you have a simple tree removal task or a complex, multi-day project in Salem CT, contact Tomorrow’s Trees today for a free estimate! We will send one of our tree experts to meet with you in order to determine which trees need to be removed and to help formulate the best plan of action.

Tree Removal Facts: Did You Know?

  • Tree removal can     be a dangerous task and should be left to a trained professional.
  • Our tree     specialists will take every precaution to protect you, your home     & property from damage.
  • After tree removal, we     try to leave the property in the same or better condition whenever     possible.

Contact Tomorrows Trees and let us help you with the best lawn services and tree planting services in Salem Connecticut.

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Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming in Salem CT

Our Methods of Pruning & Tree Trimming Service

We’ll advise you of the best pruning method and an honest assessment of the results you can expect with our tree trimmers. Some methods of tree pruning and tree trimming we include:


Some trees have branches that are simply too low to the ground. Removing bottom branches provides clearance for walkways, lawn mowing, and provides more light for grass and shrubs.


While shade can be terrific on a hot summer day, sometimes a tree can block too much light. Perhaps you have a pool and want more sunlight on it. Our Salem Connecticut tree trimmers will properly trim your tree to give you the light you want while still keeping it healthy. Tree Thinning in Salem CT also allows wind to blow through the tree instead of snapping branches or toppling the tree.

Crown reduction 

If a tree has grown too large for its permitted space, crown reduction pruning, may be a viable alternative to removal. When done properly, it lowers the overall height. This approach is best for ornamental trees such as plum, dogwoods, cherry and pear trees which may have been planted too close to a house.


Tree topping, like crown reduction dramatically reduces the height of the tree but can cause quite a bit of stress to the tree (This should be a method of last resort). In some cases, we may recommend removing the tree and replacing it with a younger tree.

Tree Pruning Services in Salem Connecticut

Regardless of the type of tree pruning or tree trimming we use, the health of the tree is important. And in that regard, our tree trimmers will never use a method of climbing called spiking. Spiking entails the use of metal spikes to climb the tree and reach the areas that require pruning. The result is damage to the tree that over time can allow insects or disease to weaken and kill the tree. The only instance Tomorrow’s Trees will use this method of climbing is when we are providing tree removal service. Tree Pruning in Salem Connecticut is important to keep your trees healthy.

Tree Trimming Facts: Did You Know?

  • Dead Wood: Some trees may drop dead branches. While you may think that tree needs to be removed it may benefit from dead wood pruning or trimming instead.
  • Tree trimming services in Salem CT should be done every two to five years depending upon the variety and health of the tree.
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning is subjective from one customer to another. Your expectations will be discussed at the time of our inspection. All possibilities will be discussed with you during your free inspection.



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Tree Planting Service in Salem CT

When we plant trees on your commercial or residential property, we’ll provide you with:

  • The Best Prices: Before we start a tree planting project, we offer customers a free estimate on our tree planting services. We aim for cost efficiency and will inform you of every option so you can choose what’s best for you and your Salem CT property!
  • The Best Tree Planting Service: We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of customer care in Salem CT! Our expert arborists are courteous and professional, unlike amateur companies who put little effort into their tree planting services.
  • The Most Satisfaction: When we work on your property, we make sure that you’re satisfied with everything we’ve done. We won’t stop working until we get your approval for our tree planting services!

Reliable Tree Planting Service in Salem Connecticut

New trees can bring a fresh new look to your property and are a cooling source of shade in the hot summer months. Let our skilled professionals bring you the benefit of beauty and energy efficiency with our expert tree planting! We put a lot of consideration into the tree planting process, which is why we are the top choice for tree services in Salem County. At Tomorrow’s Trees, we also provide stump grinding if you are looking to get rid of an old tree stump and start fresh. We determine the right placement of your trees so they can grow to full maturity by adhering to our tree planting process:

  • We’ll help you choose the right type of tree to conform to your property’s size and tend to group like trees together for cross-pollination.
  • We’ll determine the best placement for your new tree to avoid in ground obstacles likes sewer pipes and height limitations like utility lines.
  • Our experts consider soil type, access to light sources and other environmental factors to ensure your trees have all the nutrients needed.
  • We protect the longevity of your trees from sapling to maturity with tree trimming, organic fertilization and other services!

Contact Tomorrows Trees and let us help you with the best lawn services and tree planting services in Salem Connecticut.

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Stump Grinding Service in Salem CT - Stump Removal in Salem CT

Protecting Your Property is Job One during Stump Grinding

Stump grinding in Salem Connecticut requires the use of heavy equipment. Our stump grinding professionals will take the following precautions to help ensure that the surrounding areas are not damaged:

  • Fiberglass mats are placed on the ground to avoid tire ruts on the lawn from our equipment;
  • Heavy duty shields are placed around the stump to prevent any projectiles from damaging anything in close proximity so there’s no possibility of any damage to siding, paint, or windows of your home.

We do ask you to note that while precautions will, in most cases, prevent any evidence of stump removal; it’s possible that some very shallow ruts might be visible for a short period of time. These usually disappear within a few weeks.

Whatever decisions that are made, rest assured that Tomorrow’s Trees will always put the safety of you and your property ahead of any other factor.

Contact Tomorrows Trees and let us help you with the best Stump Removal services and tree services in Salem Connecticut.

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Lawn Care and Maintenance Services in Salem Connecticut

What makes our full-service lawn care services standout?

  • Fair rates
  • Attention to the details of your lawn service, we know what our customers want, and we make sure they get it.
  • We actually talk to our customers, no computer answering systems or answering services here.
  • Responsible,professional, reliable, and competent lawn services – The owner is hands on to ensure this level of service.

Contact Tomorrow’s Trees for reliable lawn services in Salem CT.

Contact Tomorrows Trees and let us help you with the best lawn services and tree planting services in Salem Connecticut.

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Other Tree Services in Salem CT

Free Logs and Wood Chips for the people of Salem Connecticut

Whenever we provide tree removal service, smaller branches are chipped into wood chips and the bulk of the tree is cut into loadable lengths.

There are three ways to receive logs and wood chips:

  • If you are in an area we are working in, we’ll be happy to drop the logs and/or wood chips off at your home.
  • Logs and/or wood chips can be delivered even if we are not in your area for a predetermined delivery charge.

About This Offer

  • Wood chips are left one truck load at a time; approximately 15-20 cubic yards.
  • Logs will be cut at various lengths depending on weight and size.
  • Chips are clean. We avoid delivering chips that are all pine trees, mixed with poison ivy, or undesirable brush.
  • Logs are all types but we avoid bringing pine, spruce or other non-desirable wood unless you burn an outside campfire.

If you’re interested in log or wood chips, please call us at 860-848-TRIM for more details.

Tomorrows Trees helps you with the best lawn services and tree planting services in Norwich Connecticut.

Construction Damage Repair in Salem CT

If you’re planning any major construction around your home such as an addition or a pool, we’d like to bring some little-known tree facts to your attention.

Heavy machinery can cause root damage to your trees even if the construction activity is not in the immediate vicinity of the tree.

tree cabling service oakdale

What Can Happen to Your Trees:

Root Compaction: 

Roots can become compacted by the weight of the construction equipment. Over the course of time, Norwich Connecticut Trees might suffocate and die because of this. Tomorrow’s Trees can prevent permanent damage to the tree with the use of special aerating equipment which loosens the soil, adding oxygen.

Root Disturbance: 

Many trees can have root systems that can extend many feet out from the tree and be very close to the surface. Any digging in the area will disturb the roots and can cause a tree to go into shock and die. The professionals at Tomorrow’s Trees will examine the damage and use the proper treatment to help the tree recover.

If you’ve recently had construction on your property and are concerned about your trees, give us a call at 860-848-TRIM for a free tree inspection.

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